Mechanical Design from Idea to Model to Final Product

Acutech’s mechanical design specialists bring your concepts with CAD modeling.

Mechanical Design – From Idea to Design

Have an idea? Let Acutech engineer the complete mechanical design for your new product. Acutech delivers mechanical and industrial designs via 3D AutoCAD models optimized for functionality and manufacturability.

If you do not have AutoCAD, we can take your ideas and transfer them into computer-generated designs for you. Whether this entails working with your idea from scratch or taking a drawing with specifications that you have already laid out, Acutech can help you with the design process. First, we look closely at your initial idea and any sketches you may have. Then we integrate that idea into AutoCAD. Upon approval, we use our computer numerical control (CNC) machines to make your design or product a reality.

In short, Acutech creates mechanical designs for AutoCAD metal production.

AutoCad Metal

Acutech’s Mechanical Design Services include:

• 3D CAD layout and piece-part design
• Industrial design
• Manufacturing support
• Mechanical requirements development
• Mechanical architecture development
• Parts and assembly documentation
• Prototyping of mechanical parts
• Testing and design verification
• Tooling support

Have an existing AutoCAD metal design that needs modified?