Algae AquaCulture Technology

Algae Aqua Culture Technology and Acutech

Great scientific minds are at work in Whitefish, Montana. Michael Smith, a former computer coding specialist moved to Montana in 1998 for the beautiful scenery. It was shortly after that he thought of a process that involves algae, mill and logging waste, and carbon dioxide to make energy. The entire process is explained with flowcharts and detailed descriptions on their website, along with photos of their complex Green Power House, Anaerobic Bioreactors, and the Organic Carbon Engine, a specialized mechanical fabrication project that Acutech, LLC enjoyed creating for AACT.

Algae AquaCulture Technology

Algae AquaCulture Technology, or AACT, created a system to increase the speed of natural processes that produce renewable energy and biofuels. Anaerobic bioreactors are specially formulated capsules that convert algal biomass to hydrogen and methane. Based in Whitefish, Montana, the company is the work of many great minds, compiling knowledge of renewable energy and waste management. At the grand opening of their plant this summer, interested community members and prominent government and environmentalists attended, eager to see the biorefinery prototype in action.

This project has attracted the attention of such agencies as the Department of Defense, a group that is very interested in finding energy alternatives for the United States. The Green Power House (GPH) is the greenhouse structure created exclusively by AACT to convert waste heat and carbon dioxide into bio-oils and electric power. The byproduct that results from the process is an organic fertilizer and soil amendments- there is virtually no waste produced from the GPH.

AACT Organic Carbon Engine

Since AACT is based entirely on fresh new ideas in bioprocessing, they needed a company to fabricate a solid, well-crafted carbon engine to their own unique specifications. Luckily, Acutech, a Columbia Falls based supply chain manufacturer was available to do the project. The carbon engine, as well as all of its 304 stainless components, were precision water jet and laser cut, machined, MIG welded and fabricated at Acutech’s 16,000 square foot facility.

Now that the planning and actual fabrication of the prototype greenhouse unit is completed, the process must be tested and streamlined, at which point AACT hopes to expand to other lumber mills and larger facilities. Thanks to AACT and help from Acutech, the project is putting Montana on the map for renewable energy source hot spots.

Acutech and AACT are located in Columbia Falls, Montana, just west of Glacier National Park. The Flathead Valley is an area that has seen rapid growth in the manufacturing and industrial metal work field in the past five years. You can find more information and more examples of stainless steel fabrication, metal work, CNC machining, and precision water jet and laser cutting on Acutech’s website,
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