Architectural Fabrication Services Expanded Through Specialized Employee Training

custom-interior-wrought-iron-railing-hebo-machine-system custom-wrought-iron-driveway-gate-hebo-machine-system

Several Acutech employees recently traveled to Clackamas, Oregon to participate in 3 days of advanced training on the Hebo machine system. The specialized training that they received on varied applications of the Hebo machine system will allow us to increase the scope of our architectural metal fabrication services.

The multi-functional German built Hebo system is one of the most complex and versatile metal manufacturing machines in the world. It is used in the manufacture of custom metal railings, gates and scrolls. The Hebo machine syatem can also emboss and texture metal, make metal rail baskets, and perform a variety of other specialized tasks related to custom metal fabrication.

The Hebo machine was developed in 1968 by the Founder of the company Hans-Erich Böhl. Over the past 40 years, the original motor driven metal bar twisting machine has grown into an innovative complex machine system that is still being continuously improved upon. Hebo is the worldwide leader in ornamental metal fabrication machinery. For more information on the Hebo machine system, visit

We are excited to increase our architectural fabrication services with the Hebo machine. Acutech is an industry leading company known for our use of innovative technology and equipment. Making sure that our employees receive the training needed to stay on the leading edge of the technology used in the equipment and machines they operate is a top priority for Acutech.

For more information on our architectural metal fabrication services, visit our website at or call us at (406) 892-4030.