Acutech Assists California Based Security Company in Developing Palm Recognition Security System

Acutech has teamed with a California based security company to develop state-of-the-art palm recognition security system components. The palm recognition security system is new technology that will be used to provide access to high security areas within buildings. The system works by scanning an individual’s palm as it is held up to the wall mounted device then allowing or denying access to the secure area. The system has many possible…

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Architectural Fabrication Services Expanded Through Specialized Employee Training

Several Acutech employees recently traveled to Clackamas, Oregon to participate in 3 days of advanced training on the Hebo machine system. The specialized training that they received on varied applications of the Hebo machine system will allow us to increase the scope of our architectural metal fabrication services. The multi-functional German built Hebo system is one of the most complex and versatile metal manufacturing machines in the world. It is…

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Stainless Steel Ribbon Teeth

Specialized Part Manufactured for Use in a RibbonLift System

  This 30 foot length of 301 stainless steel ribbon was Waterjet cut and will be used as a part of a RibbonLift system. RibbonLift systems are used to precisely position cameras, lights and audio equipment at NBA, NHL and major league baseball games. They are also used by the US Border Patrol and Military for surveillance applications. The interlocking steel ribbons used in a RibbonLift system range in length…

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Daily Interlake Article by Lynnette Hintze

An article written by Daily Interlake journalist Lynnette Hintze. Click the title below for full article. Posted: Saturday, March 10, 2012 7:26 pm | Updated: 8:41 am, Tue Apr 22, 2014. On the cutting edge: Acutech expands waterjet, ironwork capabilities at new facility By LYNNETTE HINTZE The Daily Inter Lake A business initially built on cutting-edge waterjet technology has expanded into a new facility on Montana 40 with broader capabilities…

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Western Lighting Inspiration

All three lights were custom-made by Creations Studio with water jet cut details and iron work by Acutech. From Top: Pictograph Chandelier, Wagon Wheel Chandelier, and Whitetail Worship Wall Sconce

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Home Improvement Ideas

Getting ready to sell your house? Now that real estate is picking back up, it might be the perfect time to trade up in housing. But first, you’ve got to sell the house you already own. Sometimes the selling points are actually small upgrades that homeowners can easily make to give their house more curb appeal. Here are a few tips and ideas to turn a home into an instant…

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Algae AquaCulture Technology

Algae Aqua Culture Technology and Acutech

Great scientific minds are at work in Whitefish, Montana. Michael Smith, a former computer coding specialist moved to Montana in 1998 for the beautiful scenery. It was shortly after that he thought of a process that involves algae, mill and logging waste, and carbon dioxide to make energy. The entire process is explained with flowcharts and detailed descriptions on their website, along with photos of their complex Green Power House,…

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Steel Sheet Fabrication Door

Stainless Steel Medical Pass Through Doors

A Press Release from January: Acutech LLC has recently started a fabrication project working for the Kalispell Regional Medical Center remodel. Kalispell Regional Medical Center (KRMC) began a renovation in January of 2011, looking to the future of medical technology and science for the Flathead Valley. KRMC wanted to keep up with advances in technology and the rapidly growing population of Kalispell and the surrounding area. Not only did they…

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