Laser Metal Cutting Services for Your Large and Small Jobs

When searching for precision laser cutting services, you want advanced technology from the  highly trained staff at Acutech.

Acutech uses state of the art laser cutting machinery. With its high cutting speed, laser metal cutting is an affordable option for large products.

Laser metal cutting uses heat from a beam of light to slice through material. This makes laser cutting services more precise than traditional cutting options since the laser beam does not wear down with use.  Laser cutting of steel is precise and quick with the ability to cut intricate designs in record time.

Since precision laser cutting is incredibly versatile, a vast selection of materials can be cut including steel, aluminum alloys, titanium plates, plastics, rubber, paper, and ceramics.  Although lasers cannot cut through highly reflective materials, laser metal cutting services are useful for many precision projects and are able to cut through up to 1” of steel products and up to 3” in acrylic products.

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