CNC Plasma Cutting Services for Your Plasma Cut Needs

Acutech provides affordable, precision plasma cutting for sheet metal and plate.

Small budget but need high quality plasma cutting?

Use Acutech’s plasma cutting services.

Our CNC plasma cut machines produce the highest quality and most affordable service to our clients.

Modern plasma cutting CNC machines have more precision than their predecessors and cost less than laser and waterjet cutting services. With CNC plasma cutting Acutech focuses on superior precision and detail, making your final product the highest quality.

Gas and electrical currents melt and cut the metal, which makes a plasma cut edge slightly rough with a beveled and rounded top edge. Plasma cutting burns through thicker material than laser cutting and waterjet cutting. Depending on the electrical current capacity and the type of metal, plasma cut metal can range from .125″ to 2″ thick. CNC plasma cut metal is more economical than laser or waterjet cut metal.

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Plasma cutting is mostly used to cut metal, especially sheet metal and plate, using a plasma torch. These torches are either handheld or attached to a machine with a CNC program that guides the cutting process on a plasma cutting table. A power supply and arc starting circuit connect with as the plasma gas that flows through regulating cables and leads. In this method, a high-voltage spark within the torch body ionizes through the torch head to initiate a plasma arc. A plasma gas including argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen mixtures conducts electricity to transfer energy from the electrical source of power through the torch. The intensely high temperature plasma cutting arc connects with the material being cut at temperatures around 25,000 degrees Celsius. The plasma cutter slices through the material due to the extremely high temperature of the arc, and unlike traditional metal-against-metal cutting, there are no metal chips produced. This high temperature plasma arc melts metal and the gas flow eradicates the material from the below the cut, otherwise known as the kerf.