Precision Waterjet Metal Cutting – Fast, Efficient, and Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to waterjet cutting services, you’re at the right place. At Acutech, waterjet metal cutting is our sweet spot!

CNC Waterjet Cutting is Environmentally Friendly

Without manipulating temperatures as in laser and plasma cutting, waterjet cutting services are less wasteful and therefore more ‘green.’ There is no Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) to worry about, nor is there any smoke or dust produced. Additionally water and abrasive mixtures are collected in a water-filled tank that catches the remaining residue, which can be recycled. With only small amounts of material lost due to cutting and recyclable run-off, waterjet cutting is one of the more environmentally friendly material cutting options.

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We can deliver quick turn around times with high quality service.

Acutech uses efficient and advanced methods of waterjet metal cutting to ensure a superior product.

Safe and environmental friendly, our waterjet cutting services team can cut a variety of materials – thick or thin, large or small – using pre-created designs or templates programmed into the CNC machine. Waterjets can cut steel, metal, and other materials ranging from .05” to 6” thick.

Unlike our laser and plasma cutting technologies, waterjet cutting does not use heat. Lack of heat prevents morphing of hardened and heat-sensitive materials. Waterjet cutting is safe and allows the cut material to keep its integrity.

There are two methods of waterjet cutting. One method, called pure jet cutting, simply uses tap water and the second method, abrasive jet cutting, mixes in an abrasive for more force. In eomax-waterjet-metal-cuttingither process, tap water is pumped through a filtration system towards several levels of pumps that gradually intensify the pressure. The waterjet system is pressurized by hydraulically driven intensifier pumps, then moves to the shock attenuator that allows the outgoing water to maintain a steady output pressure. High pressure stainless steel tubing delivers the highly pressurized water to the cutting head nozzle. The head nozzle is made up of a jewel so that it is able to withstand the high pressure of the water without excessive erosion. The pressure of the water reaches rates as high as 60,000 pounds per square inch (psi), and as water travels through the jewel nozzle, the velocity of the water moves from Mach 2 to Mach 3 speeds. This is the process regardless of whether or not abrasive is used.

Garnet is one of the most commonly used abrasives in waterjet cutting. Water and abrasive are mixed and focused in a beam to cut materials by supersonic erosion cleanly to close tolerances. If abrasive is utilized, it is mixed in a specially designed mixing chamber, then run through a precision disk that funnels like an hourglass to ensure a consistent, even flow. This chamber is located before the tap water meets the jewel head nozzle, which enables waterjet cutting specialists to use virtually the same machinery for both pure jet and abrasive jet cutting processes. Abrasive is mixed in for cutting jobs that require more cutting force, while pure jet cutting is used for softer, more delicate materials such as paper goods. The abrasive mixture can easily be purged out of the initial waterjet tubing after use, meaning the metering valve has the capability to turn the flow of abrasive on and off for multiple jobs.

Abrasive waterjet cutting is essentially the same as the regular waterjet cutting process, but with the addition of an abrasive gritty material to enable the water to cut through harder and thicker materials. Garnet is usually used as the added abrasive. It still maintains the benefits of waterjet cutting- no heat affected zone (HAZ), so there is no distortion of the material being cut, quick and easy programming, quick turnaround rate, accurate tolerances, less waste, potentially recyclable components used, CNC machine programmed, fast set up, no burrs, precision cutting.